Welcome to


Young Person's Advisory Group

at the National Children's Cancer Service

We believe that children and young people with cancer should have a voice, share their opinions, and be actively involved in the design and delivery of clinical research and services, to make sure they are relevant and suited to their needs

Who are YPAG members?

  • Aged 12-29 years old

  • Patients or former patients with cancer

  • Interested in learning more about research, medicine and science

  • Willing to learn new things and skills

  • Respectful of other people's views but know it is OK to ask questions and say what you think about something

What can you do at YPAG?

  • Help make research more children and young people friendly

  • Give your views on patient information sheets and consent forms

  • Give advice on how a clinical trial or research study is being designed

  • Help improve cancer supports and services for young people

  • Have some fun!

We are looking for young people to join our new YPAG!

Do you meet the criteria above? Do you want to have your say and learn something new all while having some fun?

Getting involved in YPAG is an opportunity to learn new skills, take part in engaging activities and get valuable experience for your future!

How to get involved?

Sign up today by completing the application form and emailing to ypag.nccs@gmail.com

To find out more you can watch the recording from our recent online information session.

Find out more about what YPAG might do

Watch our recent YPAG information session

Check out our recent online information session to meet some members of the team, find out more about YPAG, how you can get involved and most importantly hear from some young people who are already part of a YPAG in Liverpool. Thanks so much to everyone for coming along!

Involving young people in health research

This video helps to explain how young people can become involved in research and be part of something called PPIE or Public and Patient Involvement/Engagement.

An example of young people influencing healthcare in Ireland

Check out CHI's Youth Advisory Council to learn about other young people helping to improve healthcare services in Ireland. Our YPAG will focus specifically on young people's cancer research and services.

Our partners


Please email ypag.nccs@gmail.com to find out more, register for our online information session and to return your application form!

If you are a researcher and would like to apply to work with the NCCS YPAG please complete this form.